Meet the Creative Team

Arshia Mardasi

Arshia has been an attorney for thirteen years but has simultaneously found balance in creative expression through interior design, event planning and floral arrangements. Over the past decade, her unstoppable creative imagination and drive has led her to create uniquely magical parties and events for herself and each of her four children. Friends soon turned to Arshia to execute lavish parties and events for them and continuously encouraged her to turn it into a profession. No one looks at details like Arshia, hence why she is undeniably successful in executing personalized and immaculate events.

Nazanin Aghaghi

Nazanin exudes kindness. Paired with her impeccable time and financial management, she is a driving force on the Ba Nu team. She spent several successful years as a professional makeup artist specializing in bridal glamor. In her spare time, Nazanin uses pastel drawings and oil painting as her form of creative expression. Event planning was a natural progression, which has allowed her to combine her experience in the wedding industry with her creative drive.

Armita Mardasi

From a young age, Armita knew that creating tangible art would be a career she must pursue. She studied the photographic arts for several years while working in the restaurant and nightclub hospitality industry. Her warm and genuine energy is contagious amongst everyone she meets, which inevitably led to her passion to study and teach Yoga. There is no creative outlet she has not yet tried to master, from drawing and painting to ultimately turning her hobby for cake design and edible art into a successful side business.